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The Speculators.

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Not quite in the flesh, but in the hats certainly.

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Writing Tips

Come up with by the group at the pub, put together by Dan, some tips on writing.

“There are three rules of good writing. Trouble is, no-one can agree what they are.” Somerset Maugham

Suggestions for improving your writing.

1) Take out all adverbs and adjectives.

2) Once you have done that, strengthen the verbs (i.e. He ran quicky is much better expressed as; he raced, he careered, he pelted etc.)

3) Replace only the essential adverbs and adjectives

4) Turn all passive sentences into active ones

5) Remove AND, BUT, HOWEVER, SO and MEANWHILE from the beginning of sentences.

6) Dialogue should be clear about who is speaking without constant use of attribution (he or she said, he exclaimed, she retorted etc). Kill most of it.

7) Avoid tautology, cliche and solecism.

8) Don’t trust your spell-checker.

The Literature Network also have 7 tips for being a Great Writer.


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Welcome to the website of The Speculators, a group of writers and procrastinators from Leicester. We meet up once a week, write, chat and mull. The website is new, so give us time to sort things out and maybe you’ll want to join us? Go to our about page and find the details.

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