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‘Flawless’ to screen at CERN

Exciting news for Speculators James Worrad & Lucy Wade – co-writers of the short film ‘Flawless’ – the film will be screening at CERN as part of CineGlobe 2015.

Jim talks more about this news on his blog.


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States of Independence 14th March 2015

The Speculators are pleased to be part of this year’s States of Independence day.

States of Independence

Free of charge | 10.30am – 4.30pm | Open to all

Clephan Building, De Montfort University, Oxford Street, Leicester LE1 5XY

As part of the day members of the group will be giving a talk:

The Speculators – A Model for Tea Drinking and Writing
The Speculators is (are?) a writing group which meets once a week on Queens Road, Leicester. They have no formal membership structure and are organized on the basis of free association. In this session members of the group will talk about the reasons they write science fiction and fantasy, the reasons why they’re members, and a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of groups like The Speculators with advice on forming similar groups.

There are also lots of other fab talks during the day including ones on “poetry, politics, Doctor Who, history, films, vinyl, steampunk, future fiction, zines, murder…

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The Speculator is a free broadsheet exclusive to Alt.Fiction 2010. It’s stuffed with stories and articles brought to you by… well, The Speculators, Leicester’s foremost–indeed, only known–SF and Fantasy writers group.

‘It is a showcase of our work, our imagination and our love of the craft of writing,’ says editor-in-chief Daniel Ribot. ‘I hope Alt.Fiction attendees will enjoy, comment and participate with us, perhaps going so far as buying a thirsty editor a well-deserved pint!’

Seventeen writers in all have contributed, their efforts accentuated by the feverishly dazzling handiwork of many genre artists. So that’s twelve–count ‘em–twelve pages of sheer mind-fondling, vision-injected 100% STORY for your delectation, all TOTALLY FREE!

Because we love you, people, really we do. No, really.


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