The Speculator is a free broadsheet exclusive to Alt.Fiction 2010. It’s stuffed with stories and articles brought to you by… well, The Speculators, Leicester’s foremost–indeed, only known–SF and Fantasy writers group.

‘It is a showcase of our work, our imagination and our love of the craft of writing,’ says editor-in-chief Daniel Ribot. ‘I hope Alt.Fiction attendees will enjoy, comment and participate with us, perhaps going so far as buying a thirsty editor a well-deserved pint!’

Seventeen writers in all have contributed, their efforts accentuated by the feverishly dazzling handiwork of many genre artists. So that’s twelve–count ‘em–twelve pages of sheer mind-fondling, vision-injected 100% STORY for your delectation, all TOTALLY FREE!

Because we love you, people, really we do. No, really.


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  1. OK so I’m one of the contributing writers, but having picked up my copy last night I’m impressed at the design and layout, the whole look and feel of it. Congratulations to Dan and everyone involved in organising this!

  2. Loads of us involved, not least Jay Eales for the layout. Rob Hibbert, who cooked up some of the images and tweaked others, all the contributors for their classy prose, Damien for getting the cash in the teeth of the worst recession since the last one… you all did a splendid job making your editor look good. Cheers, guys, love you all.


  3. Great job guys, am enjoying dipping into it for a break between books. Sorry I didn’t get to see you all at Alt.Fiction.

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